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We are a small locally owned company that has have decades of experience in all aspects of IT.  We started off in the 80’s when coding was taught to be conservative on spaces and ram.  Something that seems to have been forgotten about.  We built PC’s from the ground up understanding every component that went in them. No we have seen a shift in the last 10 years that it is cheaper to buy preambled or use cloud compute for short heavy calculation.   Our technicians understand packet flow so security is paramount.  With the understanding business process can collide with security at ever turn.  Let us help you navigate these complex waters.

Why Choose Us

Network Design

We have experience that you.


We design complete solutions that are cost conscious

Cloud computing

We can help you navigate the cloud and SAS offerings .

Our Mission


We have solutions that are built on open source code, so they will not drain your bank account.  They are easy to manage, update and support.  Need to host your site in the cloud?  After years of searching, we have found what we think is the best hosting company ever!  Hosting your e commerce or content management system with our advice and/or support has never been easier to get your business where it needs to be on the web no matter what your business is.

Network Design

Whether it is a local or multiple office networks, we can provide a total solution to meet your company’s technology needs. Firewalls

Security Minded

So many forces working against you. We can help to minimize the risk

Migration to the cloud

We can help to migrate you to the cloud. Let us show you how to save with cloud services

Need Help NOW!

E-mail helpnow@datatraveler.com


We design, install and manage all Types of electronic traffic


Do not let your environments maintenance wait till it an emergency.  Be proactive and stay on top of your needs with current technology.  NOT the bleeding edge of technology but the current technology. This is not a stock market game it your company well being in a very changing landscape.


  • Network Diagram
  • Network installation
  • Firewall management
  • Patch Management
  • Help Desk Software
  • E Commerce Sites
  • Maintenance on it all