Data Categorization

General data categorization #

  • Category I – Public Use: This information is targeted for general public use. Examples include Internet website contents for general viewing and press releases.
  • Category II – Internal Use: Information not generally available to parties outside your comany, such as directory listings, minutes from non-confidential meetings, and internal (Intranet) websites. Public disclosure of this information would cause minimal trouble or embarrassment to the Institute. This category should be the default data classification category.
  • Category III – Sensitive:This information is considered private and should be guarded from disclosure; disclosure of this information may contribute to financial fraud and/or violate State and/or Federal law.
  • Category IV – Highly Sensitive:Data which needs to be protected with the highest levels of security, as prescribed in contractual and/or legal specifications.

If you are unsure of the appropriate category for a piece of information, you should assume the information is at least Category II.

The following tables list various types of Georgia Tech data and their categories:

Faculty/Staff Information #

Email AddressCategory I
Phone NumberCategory I
Personal Address w/ Permission to PublishCategory I
Work AddressCategory I
ID Card NumberCategory II
PeopleSoft ID or other Software ID’sCategory II
Faculty/Staff Personal and Emergency Contact InfoCategory II
Salary InformationCategory II
Performance EvaluationsCategory II
Compensated Absence Report FormCategory II
Personal Address without Permission to PublishCategory II
Company/School IDCategory II
Company/School Account PasswordCategory III
Individual Benefits ElectionsCategory III
Police Officer’s Personal and Emergency Contact Info Category III
Social Security NumberCategory III

Student Information #

Biz Card NumberCategory II
ID (Alone)Category II
Student Records Excluding DirectoryInformationCategory III
School Account PasswordCategory III
Social Security NumberCategory III
School ID (with Other Information)Category III
Financial Aid and Grant Application InformationCategory III
All Information About a Confidential StudentCategory III

Research Information #

Published Research DataCategory II
Sponsored Project Contracts, Grants, and Associate ProtocolsCategory II
Non-Sponsored Research InformationCategory II
Technology Licensing and Invention Disclosure InformationCategory III
Unpublished Research DataCategory III
Proprietary Information Obtained by the school
Under Nondisclosure Agreement
Category III
Intellectual Property Owned by the schoolCategory III

General Business Information #

Organization ChartsCategory I
Public Relations Brochures
(Containing School or Company nformation)
Category I
Public Web SitesCategory I
EmailCategory I
Annual ReportsCategory I
Internal Web SitesCategory II
Customer Personal ChecksCategory II
Purchasing ReceiptsCategory II
Network DiagramsCategory II
Institute Financial Account NumbersCategory II
Purchasing and Receiving ReportsCategory II
Travel Reimbursement FormsCategory II
P-Card NumbersCategory II
Credit Card NumbersCategory IV

Library Records #

Library Catalogue InformationCategory I
Active Inter library Loan RecordsCategory II
Library DatabasesCategory II
Active Circulation RecordsCategory III
Security Camera RecordingsCategory III

Environmental and Physical Information #

 School or Comany Building BlueprintsCategory II
Chematix Chemical Tracking SystemCategory III
Building HVAC Monitoring/Control Data Category III
ID Card SystemCategory III
Continuum SystemCategory III
Building Safety PlansCategory III

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