**** Change FP2100 to ASA or back to firepower ****


— default login



Step 1 — Change Management interface IP

connect ftd

> configure network ipv4 manual
> write
> Exit

Step 2 — Go to Management interface to see change

connect local-mgmt
local-mgmt # show mgmt-ip-debug

Step 3  — Test to see if you can ping ftp or tftp server you will be using

local-mgmt # ping

Use the below command to stop the ping

local-mgmt # ctrl + shift + c
local-mgmt # exit

Step 4 — If ping was good time to download the new image

Makes sure you are out of the local-mgmt # and back to main #

scope firmware

firepower /firmware # download image ftp://username@


firepower /firmware # download image usbA:cisco-asa-fp2k.9.12.2.SPA


firepower /firmware # download image t

Step 5 — To check the progress of download

firepower /firmware # show download-task detail


Download task:
    File Name: cisco-asa-fp2k.9.12.2.SPA
    Protocol: Usb A
    Port: 0
    Downloaded Image Size (KB): 361835
    Time stamp: 2019-11-23T16:25:35.535
    State: Downloaded
    Status: Successful unpack the image
    Transfer Rate (KB/s): 11307.343750

Step 6 — Show the version was downloaded

firepower /firmware #  show package

Name                                          Package-Vers
——————————————— ————
cisco-asa-fp2k.9.12.2.SPA                     9.12.2
cisco-ftd-fp2k.6.3.0-83.SPA                   6.3.0-83

Step 7 — After you checked the downloaded now install the image

firepower /firmware #scope auto-install
firepower /firmware/auto-install # install security-pack version 9.12.2


The system is currently installed with a security software package 6.3.0-83, which has:
   – The platform version:
   – The CSP (ftd) version:
If you proceed with the upgrade 9.12.2, it will do the following:
   – upgrade to the new platform version
   – reimage the system from CSP ftd version to the CSP asa version 9.12.2
During the upgrade, the system will be reboot
Do you want to proceed ? (yes/no):yes

This operation upgrades firmware and software on Security Platform Components
Here is the checklist of things that are recommended before starting Auto-Install
(1) Review current critical/major faults
(2) Initiate a configuration backup

   If you proceed the system will be re-imaged. All existing configuration will be lost,
   and the default configuration applied.
Do you want to proceed? (yes/no):yes

Triggered the install of software package version 9.12.2
Install started. This will take several minutes.
For monitoring the upgrade progress, please enter ‘show’ or ‘show detail’ command.

Broadcast message from root@firepower (Sat Nov 23 16:33:50 2019):

The system is going down for reboot NOW!

Threat Defense System: CMD=-stop, CSP-ID=cisco-ftd., FLAG=”
Cisco FTD stopping …

Note:  The chassis installs the image and reboots.This process, including reloading, can take approximately 30 minutes.

Step 8 – Cisco Firepower will revert back to the default login

firepower-2110 login: admin
Password: Admin123

Step 9 –  Move to the ASA partition

firepower-2110# connect asa

ciscoasa> enable
The enable password is not set.  Please set it now.
Enter  Password: ********
Repeat Password: ********
Note: Save your configuration so that the password persists across reboots
(“write memory” or “copy running-config startup-config”).

ciscoasa# wr
Building configuration…
Cryptochecksum: e5c4b454 8333a803 249fab14 ebac8577

8326 bytes copied in 0.860 secsPlatform does not support appliance mode configuration.


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