SES notification via SNS

In order to receive Bounce, Complaint or delivery reports from your AWS SES you will need to set up and configure a few SNS Topics for your SES.


First you will need to set up a few Topics before you can apply them to SES notification.

Step 1

  • Go to


Step 2

  • Click on
    • Topics
    • Create topic


Step 3

  • A new window will appear
    • Name your topic
      • We suggest using your Domain name
        • Domain-SES-Bounce
        • Domain-SES-Compliance
        • Domain-SES-Deliveries
          • We do not recommend setting up a topic for deliveries
      • You will need to set up a new topic for each notification type you want
        • Or you can combine notification type into a single SNS topic
          • Up to you and your needs


Step 4

  • You will not see the new topics


Step 5

  • Now go to SES


Step 6

  • Go to your Domain set up and want to get notifications on
    • Click on your Domain name
    • Once on the Donian configuration page
    • Go to to the Notification Section expand it
    • Click on Edit Configuration


Step 7

  • You will get a pop up box


Step 8

  • In the box, you can configure your SNS topics
    • Click on the down arrow
      • This will show all you SNS topic you have created
        • Select the once you want
        • Check if you want to include the original header.
        • Click Save Config
      • Do this for any of the other two topics you want to receive alerts for.


Step 9

  • Now go back to SNS
    • Click on Subscription
      • Click on Create Subscription


Step 10

  • You will get a new window
    • First select the Topic ARN
      • Do this by clicking on the box
        • You will now see any ARN Topic you have created from the previous steps
        • Select the correct Topic for this alert


Step 11

  • Now move to the Protocol box
    • Here you will select the way you want to be alerted
      • In most cases you will be using Email
        • Select the one that suits your enviorments


Step 12

  • If you selected E-mail enter, you mail address
    • Then click Create Subscription


Step 13

  • That email address  will get a verification notice that must be responded to

You are Done!

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