Upgrade IOS Cisco ASA CLI

**** Upgrade IOS on Cisco ASA ****

1. Plug console from laptop to ASA.  Also plug cat 5 from laptop to one of the ports on ASA

configure the port on ASA that laptop is plugged into.

2. The port on ASA needs to be configured.  You need to configure security level, name of interface and ip address.

    – example:
        interface GigabitEthernet0/0
           nameif inside
           security-level 100
           ip address

3. Once port is configure, you need to configure the ip address on the laptop.  
    – set the ip to

4. On the laptop startup the TFTP server.
    – make sure you have the correct path to where the image is located.
    – Also set select the IP of the tftp server (laptop IP)

5. copy new ASA IOS into flash

ciscoasa# copy tftp flash

Address or name of remote host []?

Source filename []? asa825-k8.bin

Destination filename [asa825-k8.bin]?

Accessing tftp://…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Writing file disk0:/asa825-k8.bin…
15390720 bytes copied in 42.870 secs (366445 bytes/sec)

2. Copy ASDM into flash

ciscoasa# copy tftp flash

Address or name of remote host []?

Source filename [asa825-k8.bin]? asdm-645.bin

Destination filename [asdm-645.bin]?

Accessing tftp://…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Writing file disk0:/asdm-645.bin…
16280544 bytes copied in 46.120 secs (353924 bytes/sec)

3.  specify which version to run

ciscoasa# configure terminal
ciscoasa(config)# boot system flash:/asa825-k8.bin
INFO: Converting flash:/asa825-k8.bin to disk0:/asa825-k8.bin
ciscoasa(config)# asdm image flash:/asdm-645.bin

4. Save and Reload
ciscoasa(config)# end
ciscoasa# write memory
Cryptochecksum: aaaa08ce ccde38f2 19c42e08 dea24cbd

2713 bytes copied in 1.450 secs (2713 bytes/sec)
ciscoasa# reload
Proceed with reload? [confirm]

5. Verify version running

ciscoasa# show version | include image
System image file is “disk0:/asa825-k8.bin”
ciscoasa# show asdm images
Device Manager image file, disk0:/asdm-645.bin

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